Main Course: Beef

  • Shish Kebab
  • Koftah
  • Escalope veal Picata mushroom
  • Kebab Halla
  • Tagen Beef & Vegetables
  • Escalope Panee
  • Mixed Grill (Kofta, Shish-Kebab, Chicken)
kip Main Course: Chicken

  • Shish Tawoek
  • Chicken Grilled
  • Chicken vegetable tagen
  • Indian Chicken Curry (spicy)
Main Course: Pigeon

  • Pigeon Stuffed
  • Pigeon grilled
eend Main Course: Duck

  • Duck Grilled
Main Course: Fish

  • Fish Filet Grilled
  • Tagen Fish
  • Calamari fried
  • Fish Plate fried
  • (Calamari, Fish filet, Shrimps, sauce tartare)

Main courses are served with Rice, French fries, Mixed vegetables or Potatoes Carree.

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