It depends on the number of participants whether you make the excursions at Cairo in an airconditioned taxi, minibus or in a so-called Coaster (20-person bus), but you will always have your private driver and (if you choose to hire one) tour guide. We don’t like large, impersonal, groups, so you won’t find Nile Valley groups in a 50-person bus.

Travelling to and From Cairo will either be done by train or by airplane, depending on your budget.

Included in this excursion:

  • Transport to Cairo by train or airplane (depending on your budget),
  • Transport in Cairo by your own personal driver,
  • Your hotel in Cairo,
  • Your lunch on the first day.

Not included:

  • Entry Fees (as these tend to change often),
  • Drinks during the excursion,
  • Tips for driver and guide,
  • personal expenses (such as souvenirs)


  • An English-, German- or French speaking guide,
  • A lunchbox.

The price for this excursion depends on the number of participants and the rates in Egypt at the moment of booking.

You can request your personal quotation for this trip, by filling out and sending our request form.

Downtown Cairo
Downtown Cairo

Day 1.
On day 1 the first train or airplane will take you for the 9 hour ride (! hour + 1.5 hours for checking if you travel by airplane) to Cairo. Upon arrival, you will be picked up by our local agent and your driver for the coming days and you will be brought to your three star hotel in Cairo. Here you can freshen up and rest. You can ask your driver for things to do in the evening, should you decide to show some activity after this first day.

Het Gizeh Plateau
The Gizeh Plateau

Day 2.

Your driver and tour guide (if you choose to see the sights with a tour guide) will pick you up at your hotel at appr. 07.00am to take you to:

  • The Pyramid and burial complex at Sakkara where, amongst other monuments you will learn more about the stepped Pyramid of Pharaoh Zoser. You will stay here for about one hour. After that, you will drive to
  • Memphis, Egypt’s ancient Capital. Here, you will visit to the remains of the city and visit a small museum, containing a huge statue of Rameses II. Here you will remain for about one hour.
  • On your way back to Cairo, you will stop for lunch. This will also give you some time to relax. Take your time to regain some extra energy for the next step;
  • The Gizeh Plateau with the three largest pyramids in Egypt and the Great Sphinx. Depending on how crowded it is at the Plateau, you will stay here for about 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • After this you will be brought back to your hotel to freshen up.
  • The evening is free. You can ask your taxi driver, guide and/or the hotel management for things to do in the evening.
Het Egyptisch Museum voor antiquiteiten te Cairo
The Egyptian Museum for Antiquities at Cairo

Day three:

  • Early in the morning you will be brought to the Egyptian Museum. Now, you could spend an entire day here, if you wanted to, but we don’t have the time for that. We suggest that you pick one or two subjects (maybe with you guide, should you choose to have a guide present) and visit the exhibition(s) about that subject. Some suggestions: 18th through 20th dynasty; the treasures of Tutankhamen, the Royal Mummies.
  • After lunch you leap forward in time to visit Islamic Cairo; the citadel, The Mosque of Mohamed Ali, etc.
  • After this visit it is about time to go back to your hotel to pack your suitcase(s) and to freshen up. After diner, your driver will take you to the train station where you will catch the train back to Luxor at about 10.30, or take you to the airport. You will arrive in Luxor at about 07.30am the next morning or at midnight on the same day, if you travel by plane, where you will be picked up by your driver and brought back to your hotel.


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