Gezirat el-Bairat, Luxor, Egypt
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Call us at +20 109 900 77 07 (also WhatsApp)


Welcome Home!

If you cross the Nile from Luxor city to the West Bank by public ferry or motorboat, one building certainly catches your eye: the building with the friendly beige painted facade and white and blue colored sunscreens, crowned by a roof terrace.

It is the “Nile Valley Hotel and Restaurant” that draws you by its exterior. Even before you enter you gain the impression of comfort and coziness. The owners and managers Hamada and Karin Khalifa, have many years’ experience in the tourism business..

With the “Nile Valley Hotel and Restaurant” the couple have made their dream come true. Together they have created a special place, where dreams can also come true for others. But the couple had to follow a stony path indeed to reach their goal and attain their place in the strongly contested area of tourism. It took them many years for their dream to become reality.

The first thing that large numbers of yearly returning guests say is why Hamada and Karin do what they do: “I’m back Home”!

Who can you run in to?

Meet our staff

Hamada Khalifa
Hamada Khalifa

Hamada Khalifa is the founder and owner of the Hotel. In addition to Arabic, Hamada speaks Dutch, French, English and German.

Karin Khalifa

Karin Khalifa is the co-founder and owner of the Hotel. Karin speaks, besides Arabic, also Dutch, English and German.

Gheiry Omar Mohamed Soliman
Gheiry Omar Mohamed Soliman
Ahmed el-Sheikh
Ahmed Abdallah Ahmed el-Sheikh
Restaurant Staff

Restaurant Staff

Eissem Ahmed Hassan Kitchen Staff
Kitchen Chef:

Eissem Ahmed Hassan

Manager Housekeeping: Ahmed Sabet Housekeeping: Mohammed Shaad, Hesham abdel Hamid, Taha el Azab, Hamada Haggag, Ahmed Sabet
Manager Housekeeping:

Ahmed Sabet


Mohammed Shaad, Hesham abdel Hamid, Taha el Azab, Hamada Haggag, Ahmed Sabet

Where will you spend the night?

Our Hotel Rooms

Double Room

This standard room is equipped with two single beds or one double bed. If desired, this room is also available as a single room.

Deluxe Double Room

This luxurious double room is located in the new Wing (sinds2012) of our hotel and is equipped with all conveniences.

Triple room

This standard room is equipped with one double bed.

Family Room

De familiekamer bestaat uit twee separate kamers en één badkamer.

Two or three person suite

This luxury double or triple room is located in the new wing of our hotel (since 2012).

Mini Penthouse

The Mini Penthouse is the highest located room of the Nile Valley Hotel. A spacious room with private (rain) shower and bath in the spacious bathroom.

Our Apartments

For those who really want to be free of everything, the Nile Valley Hotel & Restaurant can offer you one of our apartments.

What are our terms and conditions?

Booking at the Nile Valley Hotel

Book rooms at the Nile Valley Hotel & Restaurant:

  • You can book a room using the booking forms on the room pages or via our standard contact form
  • Unfortunately, Online payment is not possible yet.
  • Our payment options are: Cash (in Euro or US Dollar), by bank transfer to our Dutch bank account or by Credit card (we charge a handling fee)
  • Upon arrival, on request of the Egyptian government, we make a copy of your valid passport and your valid visa,
  • Special requests must be made known at the time of your booking,
  • It is not permitted for Egyptian nationals to share a room with someone without a valid marriage certificate (stamped in court).
  • If you book for a whole week or more and if you want to reserve more rooms, you must also mention this in one of the two forms. For bookings of several rooms we charge a deposit of 100,- euro.
  • A refund of your deposit is only possible if you cancel your reservation no later then 14 days before the scheduled arrival date or earlier. In that case we will refund the deposit to your account.
  • In case of a “No-Show “. (You have booked but will not show up) and if no deposit has been made and the reservation is not cancelled (14 days before arrival or earlier) then 100,-euro or the amount of the reservation will be charged.
  • The total invoice amount for the rooms(s) you booked, must be paid upon arrival.
  • For group bookings (3 rooms or more):
    — The deposit is 50% at time of booking and 50% no later then 2 weeks before arrival,
    — If cancelled, there is no refund.
  • Additional persons per room are charged an additional fee. Children up to 6 years free (if the room has enough beds)


In case of cancellations on the day of arrival or 7 days before, we will charge you the full reservation fee.

Cool off after a hot day!

Our swimming pool

Cool! That is the key word here. Cool down after a warm and strenuous day.

Or just chill out with a delicious drink or snack there.

Chill out at the pool bar or on one of the sun beds.

Our swimming pool is also heated. A constant temperature of 29 degrees ensures that you do not cool down too quickly, should daytime temperature be unexpectedly high, while this temperature feels like, well, a warm bath during the cooler days ?

Below you will find a few impressions.

Dine á la carte or have your ``special request`` meal prepared for you.

Our restaurant

Our roof top terrace and restaurant is one of the biggest assets of our hotel. Besides a great view during your breakfast, lunch or dinner, it is also a great place to rest, after a long day.

On the roof top terrace there is a large T.V. with satellite dish connection for especially important football matches such as World Cup and European Championship.

The real topper of this 3-star hotel, however, is the kitchen. The menu offers something for everyone. Both Egyptian specialties as well as international dishes such as pizza are among the possibilities. You can also enjoy a 3-course daily menu. All dishes are served with Pommes Carrés, French fries, rice or mixed vegetables.

In addition, you have the choice of Pizza, Spaghetti and Moussaka with or without meat in addition to other vegetarian dishes, Egyptian salads and soups (vegetables, tomatoes, onions, lentils, cucumber, chickens or noodles).

Upon request is the motto at the Nile Valley Hotel anyway; For example, dishes for diabetics or vegetarians, special menus for groups or parties on the terrace.

make use of the knowledge of our Experts.

Booking arrangements at the Nilevalley Hotel

The Nile Valley Hotel can arrange EVERYTHING for you: From a day trip in Luxor or beyond, up to a complete trip in Egypt: The possibilities are endless.

Below, you will find a selection of possibilities; From activities in Luxor itself to day-trips.

A complete trip requires some more preparation. You can request a quote.

Daytime activities

In addition to the monuments and museums, where most guests initially appear, there is so much more to do and experience in Luxor.

Daytime trip to Dendera and Abydos

Bezoek de tempels van Dendera en Abydos met het Nile Valley Hotel & Restaurant!

Day trip to Edfu and Kom Ombo

Visit the majestic temples of Edfu and Kom Ombo with us and let the history of both of these temples be explained to you.

Two day trip to Aswan

Two days to Aswan! One of the most southern cities of Egypt. Below you will find the program.

Two-day dive or snorkel trip to the Red Sea

Great relaxation on the Red Sea coast. Sunbathing, snorkeling and perhaps as a diver admiring the underwater world?

Three day excursion to Aswan and Abu Simbel

Aswan and Abu Simbel: a lovely combination. The turbulent city life of Aswan, combined with fantastic monuments and Abu Simbel.

Three day excursion to Cairo

A Metropole! Three days certainly are not enough to be able to see everything and to process all the impressions this metropolis wil impose upon you.

Of course!

Pick up from and return to the airport?

Two of Nile Valley's Taxis and drivers

Whether you are flying with a charter airline (arriving in Luxor in the afternoon) or for example with Egyptair (arriving at Luxor at midnight): You have already had an entire trip and want to get to your hotel as soon as possible.

From the airport, you can arrange your own taxi and negotiate the price, but what could be more pleasant than someone waiting for you as soon as you leave the terminal?

The Nile Valley Hotel works together with a number of reliable drivers, who care about you and your luggage and bring you safely to our hotel.

The prices for pick-up and return can be requested via the quotation/booking form on the pages of our rooms.

Do's and dont's

The best time to travel to Egypt.

This depends on what you want to do. Walking around in Upper Egypt and Luxor can be very hot in the summer months (June to August), the best time to come over is from October to May. From November, day temperatures usually do not reach very far above 30 degrees, while the months thereafter, until February are characterized by pleasant daytime temperatures (around 25 degrees) and cool nights (descending to a degree or 5).

Depending on the period in which you travel, please take into account the choice of clothing and activities.

The summer period is the busiest period on the Mediterranean Sea. Because the Egyptians go on holiday to places like Alexandria, it is very busy.

Exceptions to high temperatures, as always, confirm the rule here. Just to indicate that experiencing at certain temperatures also depends on the person experiencing it: The webmaster of the Nile Valley Website does not mind travelling to Luxor in August. He experiences the temperatures of around 45 degrees as warm, but certainly not as unpleasant ?

What more do we have to offer?

Extra Service options


Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.

However, the quality and speed of the Internet in Egypt is not always stable. Enough for sending emails or viewing your Facebook page, but often no more than that.

For those who want to experience a better Internet connection, we offer the possibility to rent a 4G Internet modem with us.

Regardless of the number of days you stay with us, the 8GB data bundle is usually sufficient.

The cost for this is € 5,- per day.

The modem will be loaned you to you. You will pay a deposit of € 100,-. This amount will be deducted from your hotel account, upon return of the (undamaged) modem, power adapter and SIM card.

Laundry Service

In our warm climate, clothing gets dirty very quickly, due to all the sand and perspiration.

We offer you the possibility to have your clothes washed by us.

Knowing this is an additional advantage before you travel, because now you need to bring less clothes from home.

Your laundry is clean and fresh in one day.

How about having all the clothes in your suitcase washed by us, the day before departure? When you arrive at your home, all you have to do is put it back in your closet!

The price list can be found in your room or in your apartment.


Many of our guests take advantage of the opportunity to visit the West Bank of Luxor by bike.

This is not advisable in all seasons (especially because of the high temperatures), but usually a good way to visit the monuments at your own pace.

You are not dependent on your transport and can also get acquainted with the local people at your convenience.

We have a number of good bicycles at our disposal and in case these are all rented, we can always arrange a bicycle at one of our colleagues.

Our people at the reception can tell you about the price.

Taxi Service

Besides picking you up and bringing you back to to the airport, you can also rent a taxi for other trips.

For example, to go shopping in Luxor or for a day trip on the West Bank of Luxor.

If you need to use the medical services of Luxor (doctor or dentist), there is always a taxi available for you.

In the reception, our staff can tell you more about it.